Friday, August 28, 2009


James and Chayce on our wedding day

"Happiness is a great thing it means your exided (excited). Happiness is a thing that you laghf (laugh) at and it means that you are a caring purson (person). Happiness means your glad and you felling (feeling) great it means alot to do with happy stuff and you have good times great times. You don't have alot of blue."
~Written by Chayce, October 20, 2004, Age 7

**Tonight I came across a journal Chayce wrote in from back in 2nd grade. We had a wonderful time reading and cracking up laughing at all the different things she wrote about over the course of the school year. I thought this entry was particularly sweet: happiness from a 7 year old's point of view. I may have to post more entries on here from time to time. She has always had a way with words and it's so fun to look back and see how far she's come. I tell her that she could be a great writer one day, she really has a talent for it.

A date with Camden and cell phone photography

Camden and I had a date this morning!!! We took the girls to school, headed off to a doctor's appt. and then off to Starbucks we went. I got a gift card from two sweet friends as a gift for graduating cosmetology school. (Thanks again Rebecca and Sarah!) Camden and I set out to have some coffee and muffins this morning. Camden LOVES coffee, my mom let him have a little sip one day and he fell in love with it. I didn't start liking coffee until I was 30 years old, Camden has started liking it at 2! I can't drink 'regular' coffee, it all seems so strong to me so I get the fancy kind from Starbucks. White Chocolate Mocha is my favorite! I only give him a small amount since he doesn't really need anymore help in the energy department. I took some pictures of Camden's first visit to Starbucks because he looked so darn cute sitting there with his muffin and coffee. I didn't have my camera so I just used my cell phone. Camden wanted to take a picture of me as well, so I let him. Then I realized that I have some great pictures that I have taken with my cell phone that I have not uploaded to our computer!! I am taking this time to share a few of those with you as well. Enjoy!

Camden taking a picture of his blueberry muffin

Camden taking a picture of me

My little man with his muffin and coffee

Sipping his coffee

Cell phone pics:
I am so blessed to have not one, but two sweet and handsome men in my life!

Chan's first pamper package...I took her to school with me one night and gave her a little makeover

After we took the rollers out...

One of my more 'challenging' clients at school...thank you Lord for giving me the patience to endure this 4 hour ordeal!!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy as a bee...

We took a little mini vacation to Louisiana to visit hubby's relatives. We had a great time, did some sight seeing (no gambling this time!) and just enjoyed being away from home for a few days. We took some family pictures which we don't do too often, I'm always behind the camera! I got some really nice pics of the kids, mainly Chayce though because she actually ENJOYS posing for me. We came back Sunday afternoon so the girls could get settled in before the first day of school.

I got up Monday morning and made pancakes that no one I think this will be my last year of "cooking" for the first day of school. Everyone is just too excited to sit down to eat I guess. Chayce has had volleyball practice after school this week and Channing started soccer. I can't believe I have girls in sports!!! LOL! It's so funny to see my dancers out there being well, 'sporty'! I guess I will get used to it because we have a full schedule for them both for the fall. I'm hoping to get them back into dance in the spring, they both are just too talented to let dance stay on the back burner for too long...I miss seeing them compete too!

Camden started sleeping in big boy underwear!! I'm so proud that he's potty trained, I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am!! Tonight will be night #2...I'm praying for no accidents. Many people do not know this but I wet the bed while growing up, so did one of my brothers. We actually took meds for it at one time, it was truly a problem. I have been blessed that none of my children have had to endure the same embarrassing problem.

Chayce and I on the Boardwalk in downtown Shreveport, it's very similar to the Harbor in Rockwall, but MUCH larger.

Me with my handsome husband on the Boardwalk

My sweet family

Channing with a bear in Shreveport's Bass Pro Shop

Daddy and Camden on the carousel on the Boardwalk

I had all the kids stand by a tree to get their pic of James' aunts lives in the country and she has some beautiful land.

My precious Channing

Camden and his huge smile...makes my heart melt every time!

Chayce had a great time posing for me.

I love this one of Chayce!

Me with my precious baby boy

I love photography and black and whites...this was Chayce walking on Aunt Janet's land

Sitting on the porch

Chayce 7th grade and Channing 1st grade

Channing's first soccer practice

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Heavy Heart

Raising a child in today's society is not an easy task. Raising a Godly pre-teen is an even harder task. What do I overlook, what do I crack down on? Many times I feel I fail God and/or I fail my seems like a tug-of-war and I can never get it right. Ultimately I know I am to please God at all costs. I was tested last week and I failed miserably, I failed God and I failed my child. I won't go into much detail, it's mainly about parents not having the same morals or values that I do and forcing myself to challenge this in order to create boundaries so that my children will know what is acceptable behavior in order to fulfill God's purpose in their lives. Sometimes this is challenging the system, it's going against what the world says is the norm, it's asking the questions that sometimes you really don't want to know the answers to. After I failed to act in the way God would have wanted me to, I had horrible guilt and a sick feeling in my stomach. How could I have been given the opportunity to rise above and fail so miserably? I stood there and then simply walked away. After sharing the situation with some special friends, I was able to re-group and face the situation with my child. I was prepared for a long, hard battle...the questions of why and why not? I was not approached in this way at all, but with an open, understanding heart. It's times like these when you realize not everything will be such a struggle. I think my oldest does actually realize that at times, the decisions I make are out of love...and when God puts something on your heart, knowing that she too wants to love and honor God, well...I guess I just put it into terms she could understand. It's also teaching her that when God puts something on your heart, the right thing to do is to honor it, even if it's not the "cool" thing to do. Thank you Lord for granting me the wisdom to seek the truth and to not allow the world to back me into a corner. I never want to compromise my love for You or for my children.

Dear Heavenly Father, I have failed so many times. Thank You for not turning Your back on me, but welcoming me home with open arms. Help me to extend the same grace to others that You have extended to me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Most who know me know that I enjoy making my kids' birthday cakes. It's something special that I can do for them and hopefully give them a cherished memory...if they don't remember but one thing, hopefully they will remember the love and the effort that was put into making that one thing very special. It's something my mom started out doing for me and it has remained a very special memory. It's getting to the point where I just need to go ahead and take a class because there are certain things that I just cannot do and a class would really help me out. I thought I would share a few of the cakes I have made on my blog. Enjoy!

This was my mom's idea but my decor...we put Chayce's head on a cut-out from a magazine and did a beach theme for her 12th birthday

This was for my friend's bridal shower

Channing's 6th birthday...very simple

This was my very first cake using fondant,it was beautiful but didn't taste too great, I need to learn how to flavor the fondant better...Chayce's 11th birthday

Made the zebra cake for my friend Taylor's birthday as well...

Camden's Nemo cake, I did this one freehanded so it was a little off...

A Happy Birthday Jesus cake for one of my MDO classes this past year

Miniature wedding-type tiered cakes for Chayce's birthday


Today is Wednesday, two days after my mom's surgery for a torn rotator cuff. She has been in a lot of pain which in turn has caused major lack of sleep. She went for a check-up today and luckily the doctor gave her a higher milligram on her meds...she came home and was able to have her first peaceful rest. We are all thankful, being in pain and not being able to sleep can really do a number on your well-being.

I took the kids to the pool...for one, because they begged me and two, in hopes of getting out of the house so my mom could rest when she got home...we had a wonderful time. It was SO hot and the water had a nice chill to it, very refreshing. Camden has been swimming the last week with floaties on his arms, something that up until now he has been fearful of doing. He has turned into a regular fish, swimming all across the pool! Our Camden has grown up so much in the last three weeks, makes me happy and sad all at the same time. He is in underwear all during the day (and loves getting new ones), pretty much accident free (except yesterday when he couldn't get his pants down fast enough). The first night he was sick, he told me that he didn't need his "wellie" anymore. (His wellie was called lovie up until about 9 months ago, it then became wellie, which was in place of a pacifier...he would twist it and shove it as far as he could into his mouth and suck on it while sleeping...yes, disgusting but very necessary for him anyway.) He never took a pacifier, his lovie was his comfort item...anyway, he FINALLY gave it up. It was a heartbreaking three nights of him crying and asking for it at bedtime but well worth it in the end. I didn't want him to be turning 4 and still have to have an item to suck on.

I'm really looking forward to school starting, although I think I'm somewhat in shock that Channing will be in 1st grade! Hopefully Camden and I won't cry this year...her starting kindergarten was hard on both of us last year! Chayce starts middle school...her name in that sentence, it sounds so foreign. My firstborn...middle school, she's approaching some of the most memorable years of her life. I pray that God guides her and sets her apart so she can be used for His good and all His glory. Channing is looking forward to starting soccer as well, this will be her first year and practice starts the same week that school does. Between soccer, volleyball, and football games, all for the girls...I think I have at least 6 more months before all three kids will be involved in activities. At this, I am relieved but I know James is just beside himself that his only son will be able to participate in the world of sports very soon...the countdown has begun.

Here are some photos of Camden and his beloved "wellie"...

She's going to kill me for putting this one up...

Channing's cannon ball

Look at him fear