Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mommy and Campy day

I love having days off and spending alone time with my son. We play the Wii, do laundry together, run errands and we almost always cook together. I love cooking and I hope all my children will develop a joy for cooking as well. Today we decided to make some brownies, actually I've been cooking, or 'fixing' food all day but Camden and I made cookie brownie bars together. He got ready to make them and came to me and this was the conversation we had:

Camden "Momma can we make the brownies now?"
Mom "Sure, let me put this away and then we can."
Camden "Well, we need all the ingredients."
Mom (while hysterically laughing I didn't know he knew that word!) "It's on the box."
Camden "We need the ingredients."
Mom "We can find out what we need on the back of the box and get it from the pantry."
Camden "Well, we need soil."
Mom (laughing again) "We need what?"
Camden "We need soil to make the brownies!"
Mom "You mean oil? It's called oil, it sounds like soil though, doesn't it?"

I tend to forget what a joy and a blessing my kids are...days are long, nights get hectic but I am very blessed to be a mom of three! Thank you Lord for entrusting me with your children, for allowing me to experience what it is to be a parent. Needless to say, we got our brownies "soil" added! LOL!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She really does have a way with words

I just had to share amazing, crazy, sweet, sassy, beautiful, messy 12 year old daughter wrote's one of her blogs. You question yourself as a parent constantly and then there are times like these when you realize that you are getting through. Only the power of God can bring about words such as this:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 9:57pm

Some things have changed, in the past couple of years for me. I am indeed young, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been put through hard times. I've lost friends and family in my life that I would have never thought that I would lose. I've questioned God and his choices. Which you aren't supposed to do. I couldn't understand why he chose ME to go through what I had to. Don't get me wrong, there are MANY other situations that were worse than mine, in other peoples lifes. I would still question, why. Why me? What have I done? & why am I being punished? What I didn't realize, is that God has a plan for me. A plan! He is like a football coach. He puts you at your weakest points at practice, so you can get stronger, and stronger, in case you have to play that position later on in the season. He puts me in tough situations, to build me up. He's made me who I am. I still struggle with trust issues. & believing everything i am supposed to. But I am getting stronger. I've had these feelings lately, that make me want to share my faith with every one I meet. I want to show off that I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING! & i'm proud of it! I just wish that everyone in the world experienced the happiness that you can get out of living NOT for yourself. People don't realize the amazing and uplifting feeling you get when you worship. Standing in the church pews with your hands lifted as high as you can reach, with a tear streaming down your face, is the best feeling in the world. The worlds everyday pleasures are NOTHING compared to what God can make you feel. Call me crazy, but I'm not letting the Earth change me; Because I AM NOT going to be here forever.

~Chayce you are such a blessing, I know I don't tell you that enough! We butt heads on a regular basis, it's because you are fighting for independence and I am fighting to guide you. I hope you know that I love you so much, you are my hope and I pray that you keep your heart open to receive all God has in store for you. He does have a plan for you, it may not be what you would choose but He knows you inside and out, he is the Author of your life story and I'm so looking forward seeing where He takes you. I love you so much and I am so proud of you baby bear!

Another busy week

This past week has been such a blur with all we've had going on...I got to do a few haircuts on friends and family, which I was thrilled about. Practice makes perfect! I got to hang out with my friend Shanna and our little ones got her play together! Channing had her first soccer game, her team won, the score was something like 10-0 and she even scored her first goal. It was great, James' dad and my parents came out to support her. James was so nervous, he stayed at the opposite end of the field so he could coach her during water breaks! LOL!! He never played soccer but he was just encouraging her and giving her fatherly guidance...would you believe that she got Most Improved Player at the end of the game! I was a cheering fool, me and my big mouth...I stayed at one end of the field with my camera. Channing asked right after her second practice if she could play soccer next year, I told her of course she could. She was so thrilled that she told her daddy and her big sister "I asked mom if I could play soccer next year and she said YES!" I don't know what would have made her think I would've told her no! LOL! Chayce made the volleyball team at her school. They found out Friday right after practice, the coaches posted the list of girls who made it outside one set of the gym doors...I just happened to have my phone on me so I snapped a pic of the list! She was so excited and I was so proud.

My parents took their boat out on Sunday and they invited mine and my brother Chris' family to go with them. We had a picnic near a beach area and went tubing on the lake. We took our dog with us, her first time on the lake, she had a great time. She only had to be saved once! LOL!! She fell off the boat playing with my mom and I guess it scared her because she started swimming all around the boat trying to find a place to get back on, James ended up grabbing her and pushed her up onto the boat, not without getting some battle scars. Lanie used his leg as a ladder while my mom was trying to get her from him. We were able to laugh about it after it was all said and done. My youngest brother Brandon even came out and joined us, it was a great day. Such a blessing spending the whole day with family!

Chan getting in on the action

Channing, her coach and daddy...notice daddy's stance!

Playing goalie

Chan getting her most improved award

The volleyball list

Camden helping Pops drive the boat

Chan and I tubing

Chayce showing off

Waiting on the shore for us to come pick them up

Mine and my brother's family relaxing

Love them both SO much

Lanie on the boat

A beautiful ending to a blessed day