Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Light and heavy...

Have you ever had a time in your life when one minute your heart is light and the very next minute your heart is so heavy that it slumps you over and makes your shoulders ache?

I am having a moment like that right now...

As I am typing this, my love just turned on the dishwasher that he loaded earlier while I was at the salon. that's music to any woman's ears.  PURE SWEETNESS!

Its seems as though life is a little tough right now, it's only a season though.  I have come to realize that even though things aren't going well, or it seems one disaster follows the next, I can still look to God and thank Him for my circumstances because I know when this season is over, it will be smooth sailing again.  Every storm has a beginning and an end.  Many times it ends in a rainbow.  In living, I learn.

God's timing is perfect and there is a lesson in all that is going on.  A lesson that I may not be meant to understand but it's always there.

We are still battling the lice issue.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  It is SO frustrating and SO exhausting.  Washing everyone's bedding and drying everyone's pillows.  I am so paranoid that someone else is going to get it.  One day, Chan's head is all clear, the next, they are sneaking back on her.  Bless her heart, I know her head is tired of being picked at.  We did a second treatment, only to find a bug in her hair AGAIN when she came home from school.  I asked her teacher if she would have the whole class checked, 1. for my peace of mind and 2. to make sure no other kids in her class have it.  So this has been going on for TWO WEEKS!  I have done everything I know to do, even home remedies to take a break from the chemical stuff!

Our fan on our refrigerator broke, causing the compressor to over-heat and basically shut down the fridge completely.  Melted ice turned to water and leaked out our door all over the kitchen floor, food ruined...this is what I came home to on a Friday after work.  Thankfully my sweet father-in-law was able to fix it!

Our sink had a leak underneath the cabinet and water was pouring out onto the floor.  Again, my wonderful father-in-law saved the day!

My sweet baby boy is having anger issues right now and I'm not quite sure how to approach it.
When he gets mad, he will express it with his voice, "I am mad at you!"  This, I am ok with...I tell him that it's ok for him to be mad, because truly it is and I am thankful that he can verbally express it.  Then it seems at times that he takes it a bit further...hitting the couch, stomping his feet, kicking his bed while he's lying down.  I got angry with him the first few times but then realized that it was not the right way to handle the situation.

Yesterday I sat down with him and explained what acceptable behavior is and what is not acceptable.  He seemed to understand and for this I was thankful because it's always a breath of fresh air when you feel like you reach your child.

Guess what, today was a new day but the old fit-throwing Camden was back.  I am praying this is just a phase and I hope that it passes quickly.  This makes my heart heavy.  One minute he is the sweetest and most gentle little boy and then in an instant he is transformed into this angry, unreasonable creature.  It is a cycle that has to be broken because he has to learn that this is not the way we handle our anger.

In this, the lesson I am getting is that I also have to take a step back and look at the situation with love and patience.  With me, patience has never come to me easily and so I have to set an example while trying to work through this with Camden.  What I do, he will do.  What I allow, he will think is acceptable.

I am praying.  Wisdom and patience for myself, to turn this negative into a positive.  For Camden to be open and all his 4 3/4 years.  I know, sounds funny right?

I am believing that things will get better because I have faith in these hard times.