Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A lesson about being humble

Chan is in blue

With children, there is a fine line between positive self-esteem and being humble.  I experienced this first hand on Saturday.

Channing's last soccer game of the season started at 12:00 sharp.  Approximately 30 seconds into the game, our little girl made her first goal of the entire season.  We were joyful and she was on cloud nine!  You should have seen the look on her face and the instant force of confidence that burst into her body.  She beamed with pride the rest of the game.  As a matter of fact, it was her best game all season, she was hustling and getting in on all the action she possibly could.  So much so that she came a few centimenters away from scoring her second goal of the season.  It was amazing, what finally scoring a goal did for her confidence that day.  She was proud and we were too.

Once the game was over she came walking over to us to grab her water bottle and loudly and proudly proclaimed, "ME AND KALEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO SCORED A GOAL!!!"

My 'proud moment' kind of fizzled shortly thereafter.  I walked up to her and quietly whispered in her ear that you don't say things like that out loud.  She said "Ok", that's how I KNOW she heard me...then she proceeded to walk over to her cluster of teammates (and their parents) and SHOUT IT AGAIN! 


TOTAL HUMILIATION...I just got finished letting her know that was she was saying was not to be said again.

In her defense, I know she was completely stoked about having just scored her first goal, she should have been proud.  But what she didn't understand was that everyone was already proud of her and she didn't need to bring it to everyone's attention.

Channing's soccer team is AMAZING, there are some super talented girls on the team, girls who score 3 and 4 goals a game, girls who are proud of themselves, girls who do not shout about the multiple goals they make from the rooftops.

In steps mom with an opportunity to teach a life lesson. 

"Channing, do you know what humble means?" 


For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

I talked to Channing about being humble, that God calls us to be that way.  That if we do something good, it is not our job to announce it to the world or to brag about ourselves.  When you do something good, others will notice simply because it is good, not because we bring it to their attention.  I also shared with her that many girls on the team make goals at every game but we do not hear them bragging about themselves.  And for those girls who haven't made a goal, she may have hurt their feelings by pointing out her success.  In short, I told her that it's okay to be proud of yourself but that stays inside your heart.  In order for others to be proud with you, you keep doing a great job it will not go unnoticed.

So, if you walk up to our 7 year old Channing today and ask her what humble means, she will be able to give you the exact definition.

I thank you Lord for the opportunity to minister to my child, to show her that it's not about us.  Our successes all come from you and we are to be proud in our accomplishments but not boastful so that we may honor You.  In Jesus' Name, Amen.      

Monday, October 25, 2010

With a heavy heart, I write tonight...

The 8th grade volleyball team at Chayce's school 'adopts' a 'little sis' from the 7th grade team.  Chayce's little sis is an adorable girl named Alex.  Each of the girls had to fill out a little sheet of paper with things they like, small things like their favorite drink or snack.  So on a weekly basis, Chayce and Alex have exchanged goodies before the game.

I found out this morning that Alex's mother passed away yesterday from breast cancer.  My heart breaks for her and her family...I don't know the details but I know that a 12 year old girl should not have to be without her mother.  She has two younger siblings as well as a father who lives with them.  For this I am thankful, to know that she still has at least one parent. 

I don't know Alex's family, I've seen her play volleyball once and I've passed along a gift to her once.  Not much contact I have had with her but either way I feel the need to reach out to the family.  I told Chayce she should probably write Alex a letter, not that words can take the place of her mother but sometimes words can be comforting.  Chayce saw me lose a very close friend to breast cancer 3 years ago, my mother had breast cancer 15 years ago.  

In this month of October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month, remember to get a mammogram.  Breast cancer does not discriminate against race, age or social status.  

God bless you...      

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am speechless, I cry each time I watch this...

Kudos to David Crowder Band...I loved you guys before, but this is truly amazing.

God bless you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Hair Stylist

What?!  I was...well, for about an hour or so.  On Monday, it was a slow day for me so I signed in to take walk-in clients that day.  I was sitting in my chair visiting with another stylist when our manager came into my room and asked if I could take a walk-in.  I told her "Of course!"

I walk around the corner to introduce myself to my client and I immediately recognized his face.  

Back in the day, (my high school days) I listened to country music dancing at clubs and all, not to mention I am a HUGE music fan anyway.  I respect all genres of music although these days my heart sings to praise and worship mostly.

The gentleman held out his hand to shake mine and introduced himself as 'Collin'.  As soon as he said his name, I knew it was him: Collin Raye.  I got a huge grin on my face and had him come in and sit in my chair.  After the client consultation I asked him if he lived nearby.  He said he just moved to a place in town and then I asked "Didn't you used to sing?"  He was tickled that I recognized him and from there on, we just talked about family, fame and music.  He was the sweetest, most personable person.  So down to earth, friendly and just genuinely happy.  He made my day!  It would be nice if he came back but if not, it was such a neat experience to have.

When I got home, I googled him.  I forgot about many of the great songs he sang...positive and uplifting songs.  A great Christian man, he still sings, still puts out an album a year he said.  He has a beautiful voice and a heart of gold...if you haven't heard of him here are some songs that might be of interest:          

A Soldier's Prayer
She's With Me
Love Me
One Boy, One Girl
Little Rock

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am tired.  I am sick and tired of many, many things.  This is my grouchy/venting/get things off my chest post.  Warning: This may put you in a bad mood, read if you dare.

I am getting fluffy.  I am eating, over-eating, indulging in sweets and candy and all things bad for me.  I need this madness to stop...for instance, last night after eating about 2 handfuls of Reese's Pieces, I made s'mores and I made the whole family sit on a blanket out in the backyard for a s'mores picnic...I know, EVIL!  BIGGEST LOSER MDO, WHERE ARE YOU?!?  If we wait until January, I will weigh another 50 lbs., I PROMISE!   

I wish parents would discipline their children!  Why don't some parents love their children enough to discipline them?  You are doing a disservice to your child and the rest of society if you do not teach them right from wrong or to fear authority!  That is what is wrong with our world today.  As parents, we are too afraid of hurting out children's feelings or inconveniencing ourselves...children need structure and boundaries and expectations...not to mention morals, values and rules.  Our society is steadily spiraling out of control, WE ARE TO BLAME.  Discipline your children, teach them to have respect for their peers and those who are in authority.  UGH!

Teenagers, what the heck is your problem?  Why all the doom and gloom?  Is life really THAT BAD?  Must you whine and complain about everything?  Must your whole day be ruined because you didn't get 45 minutes to apply your makeup?  Must you throw a temper tantrum, the way a three year old does because it's not cute and you certainly aren't portraying yourself in a positive light.  What goes through your mind that you are comfortable with doing inappropriate things at school?  Where is your fear, where is your faith?  What would you do if you got caught?  How would that make you feel?  How would your parents feel?  Where is your respect for yourself, for your body, for adults around you?  Why must you stand in the middle of the road when a car is driving down the street?  What would cause you to bring drugs to school and share them with your classmates?  WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO????

Dear 5 year old bully across the street,

I am so sorry that your parents are never home for you.  I am so sorry that you are home hours on end with your older siblings.  I am so sorry for the lack of attention you get because I know with that adorable face of yours, you would probably be a sweet kid if someone in your family gave you the time of day.  It makes me sad that you have to try to run over my kid with your bicycle or flip off the neighborhood kids because I'm sure if someone loved on you every now and then you might be a happier child.  I hate that you can't get along with any kids on our street and that your brother wrestles with you until he makes you cry.  I hate that I cannot let my children be outside when you are...we are prisoners in our own home at times because I don't want you influencing my kids.  I pray that someone would be an example to you so that you can have a chance at being a good and happy kid.  I have seen you do some kind things so I know that love is in your heart somewhere.  I wish things could be different for you because I fear for your future.  I will continue to pray for you in hopes of seeing a change in you.

Maybe a happier post in days to come?  For today, I am overwhelmed.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A sleepwalker in our midst

Our sweet and beautiful Chan

Ok this is SO blog-worthy.  We have a sleepwalking child, her name is Channing.  Thank God, seriously Lord, THANK YOU that she hasn't hurt herself or anyone else for that matter.

She woke us up in the middle of the night two times since school has started.  The first time, she came in our room, to James' side of the bed and woke him up to tell him that she couldn't sleep.  When he asked her why she couldn't give him a good answer.  We sent her on her way but before she left our room, I called her over to my side of the bed and asked her what woke her up in the first place.  She then tells me it was a 'bulldog brag.'  I thought this was quite amusing, you might find it amusing as well.  A bulldog brag is an honor at Channing's school.  If you are seen doing a good deed, following rules or directions or eating something healthy at lunch, you just might be handed a bulldog brag from a teacher or administrator.  This is quite an honor because when you receive one, you write your name on it and it then goes into a box for several drawings throughout the year for special prizes.  My goodness, you could get like, a million bulldog brags and it would be the greatest thing in the world to a 2nd grader.  No, not Channing, for some reason this 'bulldog brag' is haunting her in her sleep!  We asked her about it the next morning and she had no recollection of getting out of her bed so we teased her (and still do) about that crazy bulldog brag that woke her up in the middle of the night.

Last night, James and I were lying in bed watching t.v., it was about 11:00.  Here she comes again, waltzing over to daddy's side of the bed, steadily rubbing her hands in her hair and looking at us.  I heard her keep saying 'come here', but James said she was just doing alot of mumbling.  Either way, she was asleep, eyes wide open (same as the last time) and communicating with us.  I began hysterically laughing, I mean out-of-breath and crying because I was laughing so hard that she was sleepwalking again, though she never looked at me or acknowledged my laughing.  James took her by the hand, and walked her back into her room, tucked her back into her bed.  Once again, this morning she had no recollection of ever leaving her bed or coming to our room.

James said we always need to double check our locks on our doors since this seems to be the norm now.  I hope to have some more funny stories to share with you in the future.  I told James that next time she walks into our room sleepwalking that he needs to video her so we can show her how funny she is, it's truly something to see. 


Friday, October 1, 2010

My Thursday night

Last night was an amazing night.  Warm Texas sun followed by a cool breeze blowing ever so slightly...all you fellow Texans know what I'm talking about, fall is sneaking in on us.

James got home early last night so we took a walk around the neighborhood and Camden sped up in front of us on his bike (with training wheels).  Bless his heart, he got a bike for his 3rd birthday, it's two short years later and he's just WAY to big for it now.

I decided that we should take his training wheels off and give it a try so Camden went in and got his helmet and knee pads.  What a trooper he was, although since he's too big for the bike, he wasn't that far off from the ground in case he fell which I'm sure was very reassuring to him.

I started out running along side him first.  I KID YOU NOT, on the third try, he was gone.  Like a pro I tell ya!  He was giggling with excitement, I was laughing and holding back the tears that were trying to escape from the corners of my eyes.  He's growing up...a rite of passage, the bike with no training wheels.  We went up and down the sidewalk several times all the while he's saying "I'M DOING IT!  I'M DOING IT!"  Yes! He! Was!  He was riding that bike with Momma and Daddy right there to see every bit of it.

Once I was out of breath and realized that this was a Kodak moment, I ran in to get my camera and got some shots of Daddy and Camden.  Camden did so great, never got discouraged or hurt, even though he did fall a couple of times.  He even learned to put both his feet on the ground to help him to stand instead of fall when he was losing his balance.  It was so much fun to watch and it brought back memories from when Chayce and Channing both conquered training wheels.

Bless his little heart, I am so proud of him and I can't wait to get back out there with him...enjoying the gorgeous weather and watching my sweet boy grow and beam with pride.

I love you Monkey!  You bring me such joy with all the love and affection you shower me with.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mom.  You are truly a blessing and I look so forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for you.