Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 new pairs of jeans + me = HAPPINESS

I just have to say Thank you Jesus for giving someone at Levi's the common sense to create the PERFECT jeans for someone with a curvy body such as myself!!!! From as far back as I can remember I have always had trouble getting jeans to fit me...I have curvy hips, a larger than normal fanny (even before I had kids) and a small waist. I had to get jeans that would fit over my hips but then I couldn't get them to fit my waist, there would always be this big huge gap at the back of the waist. I have always dreaded buying jeans and most of the time I avoid buying them altogether, it is a very stressful and depressing experience.

After MANY months of complaining throughout our marriage, my sweet husband took me out yesterday in search of the perfect jeans...perfect meaning, reasonably priced, cute and actually fit. We ventured out to the mall...I went to American Eagle and tried on four pairs of pants...all with the lovely gaping back that I am so used to and I came out with this look on my face. James asked me if I was about to cry, I told him not yet. I was about to go ahead and purchase them when he asked if I wanted to go look somewhere else so I mentioned Express. There I tried on 3 pairs of jeans ranging from $60 to $98, still none of them fit 'right'. We went into JC Penney's originally looking for some boots but we passed by some jeans on the way in so I decided to look through them. James and I went through and found my size and I took a few pairs back into the dressing room. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! They actually fit!!!!!!!!! On the tags of two pairs it read "Curvy" and it literally had a picture of what my butt looks like on the illustration!! The jeans are part of a line called "Figure Enhancers" and BOY ARE THEY!?!?!? It also states on the tag "No gap in back! Fits a fuller shape."

Levi's Curvy Bootcut 529's, where have you been all my life??? I am forever a fan, so much so that I may just write Levi's a letter and tell them how great their jeans fit me and I may have to send a picture of my butt in their jeans so they can see the evidence, so they can know that I TRULY am a believer in their product. I got 3 pairs, they were on sale for $29.99 each. This was the best $90.00 I have ever spent.

My dear husband, thank you for taking me on a quest to find the perfect jeans. Thank you for listening to me cry and complain over the last 8 years when I attempted to buy jeans. Thank you for encouraging me to go yesterday, thank you for your patience and for wanting me to model the jeans for you when I got home. For once, I didn't mind! I love you honey!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Christmas gone

They said we haven't had a white Christmas is 83 years. I don't know of anyone who was alive the last time that happened, with the exception of my Great Granny, whom we just recently lost or rather whom Heaven just gained. I told my dad that I bet she would've remembered...if she were here I'm sure she would have told us that she was a little girl and she got to go out and play in it. It made me happy to think of her and at the thought of her probably being able to remember that. She remembered EVERYTHING, yes she did.

We had a nice relaxing Christmas Eve, heading out to church in what I deemed "A Texas blizzard" was so exciting to be driving in the snow. I love our Christmas Eve service, this was Channing's second year to sing in the children's choir. She has a beautiful voice and did such a great job!! When we got home, the kids opened their gifts from us and then off to bed they went anxiously awaiting Santa to drop by.

Channing came and woke us up around 7-ish, which is 'late' when considering my brothers and I would get up at 5-ish or even earlier sometimes to see what Santa brought us. I went and got Camden out of bed, although he was already awake. They had a great time looking at and picking through all the goodies that they received. It was a morning filled with noise, music, cooking and of course, picture taking! My brothers came over with their families around 2:00 for a Mexican feast...fajitas, grilled chicken, duck, homemade salsas and sangria! It's always a good time when we all get together, it just doesn't happen often enough.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Light of the world

Today, and the days leading up to Christmas, I reflect on what Christmas really means to me. It is a celebration of joy, peace, the birth of our amazing Savior. His birth means more to me now than it ever has because I have strengthened my walk in Christ over the last two years. Still I am far from who He wants me to be, I strive to welcome Him into our home on a daily basis.

I think about Mary, the she must have felt carrying the Son of God. Did she feel inadequate, was she scared half to death with the responsibility she had growing in her womb? Was she more confident than the rest of us knowing that she was chosen specifically to carry the Holy One? And Joseph, what a man of God, to trust that the woman he was going to marry was carrying a child that was not his. His faith and trust in God carried him in a world that would have never accepted a pregnant, unwed woman. The looks and whispers he must have received. Together they eagerly awaited the birth of their son, only to be turned away and forced to bring their child into the world surrounded by hay and animals...such a lowly birth for a king.

It is this story that fills my heart with joy and it saddens me to know that there are still people who don't believe this happened. To those of you I ask, why do you celebrate Christmas, or for what reason? What is your definition of Christmas or what definition do you go by? Do you just ignore that the first five letters in the word spell Christ? What songs do you sing at Christmastime? Help me to understand because even though we didn't attend church regularly when I was little, my mom always helped us to remember that it was Christ's birth that we were really celebrating. I can't imagine celebrating a holiday without going by the true meaning of the reason it's on the calendar.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The ripper...

We were running errands today, I was specifically looking for a beautiful beverage dispenser. I had seen one that I REALLY liked at Bed, Bath and Beyond but of course I did not purchase it the day I saw it so now they are out of stock. We rolled on into Kohl's to see if they might have a beautiful beverage dispenser, of course they did not have one either! James, Camden and I were looking at cutlery while the girls had left to hunt for a bathroom...James was kneeling on one knee, Camden was on one side of him, I was on the other. All of the sudden, I hear this long, loud TOOT!!! (Actually, if you want to get technical it was a really a fart but we don't use that word in this house so we will just called it a toot.) My first instinct was to look around to see if anyone heard it because it was super loud...there was a man at the opposite end of the isle that we were on but he wasn't looking our way so I will say that he did not hear it. I looked at James and he and I just busted out laughing, Camden proceeds to talk to James...James and I both know where it came from but there was no reaction to the loud force of air. James (still laughing) says "Camden, what was that?!" Camden has this straight face and I then tell James (laughing still) "Don't play it off like he did it!!!!" It was so funny and Camden just kept a straight face the whole time, that is until he FINALLY took ownership of it and with a HUGE grin he said "I TOOTED." And that was our fun for today! HA! Oh and I did come home with my beautiful beverage dispenser...thanks to you dear Target for having two to choose from! It wasn't the 'original' one I wanted but it is cute and it will do.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Channing's letter to the troops...

At school Chan's teacher had her class write out letters to our troops serving overseas. Chan brought her first draft home and when I read it, I couldn't help but tear up. I even read it out loud to James later on that day and couldn't get through it without my lip quivering, I wanted to share it with you. It was just so sweet and innocent and it comes from the heart of my 6 year old:

"Dear Troop, Sorry that you cannot get to have Christmas. Thank you for keeping us safe. I wish you not to get hert. You are a good soldgere. Thank you for guarding us. Thank you for fighting for our country. Be safe! We love you for your help. We are prayinge for yoll. Love, Channing"

Such a sweet girl she is!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Catching up, yet again...

Channing and Lanie relaxing on Chan's bed

Let's see, last I wrote it was October...several weeks and a few holidays later, here we are at Christmas! WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE??? I am happy to write that our precious Camden turned 4 on December 16th! Four years old, I remember James talking about Camden getting to play sports when we found out we were having a son...well, he's finally reached the 4, the possibilites are endless. Football, soccer, t-ball and to our surprise Camden has even made reference to playing golf..."GOLF?" James asks! LOL!

I decided NOT to make a homemade cake this year for has been a tradition but I thought I would just pick one up this year...never again! This is the second time I have had trouble with getting a cake from somewhere...the first time, I have ordered it far enough in advance for there to be no problems, we show up to pick it up on the way to the party, they don't have my order, they don't have my cake...this time, with Camden, I did not ORDER the cake, I just looked through what they already had in the freezer, found one that I was happy with and asked for a piece of paper to write down what I wanted to cake the say...easy right? The lady in the bakery handed me a piece of paper that someone had previously written 'Happy Birthday Brandon' on it...I wrote Happy Birthday Camden on the OPPOSITE end and turned it around so she could read what I WROTE...I left to walk the store and when Chayce and I came back, would you believe the cake said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!" I was so mad but I didn't take my anger out on the bakery lady, it was an honest mistake...I guess. She had to scrape Brandon off of it and write Camden. I vow to never, ever, ever buy a cake ever again...this mom will stick with her good old fashioned homemade cakes!

Our family at Channing's 'Cookie Night' at school

James is on vacation this week...VACATION! It's always all work and no play for him...he always works so hard to provide our family so it's a nice change when he is home with us and the kids get so excited about having him here. We have laid around all weekend, Camden has been sick since yesterday so our options are slim to none as far as leaving the house, as a family anyway. It's nice to be able to lay around and do nothing but Christmas is rapidly approaching and we have some unfinished business to tend to! Looks like we may have to come up with a game plan and just have one of us head out to do all the finishing touches.

We took Camden to Chuck E. Cheese on his actual birthday

Air hockey

Dear Santa, I would like one of everything, please.

My big girl and I at the youth Christmas party

Singing his little heart out at his Christmas program

I L-O-V-E this picture

The TRUE meaning of the season

Mine and Chan's Christmas toes :o)

I still cannot believe that we are about to begin 2010...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So much has happened....

It's almost been 2 months since I have blogged. I feel so bad! Channing just finished up her soccer season this past weekend and she got the coolest trophy! They went all season undefeated but lost their last game 4-3, the team they played was really good, it was a really exciting game. We are so proud of Channing, she did an amazing job in her first year of soccer, she really came out of her shell. Her coach is wanting to keep the girls together to play basketball so we're going to give it a try. She's excited about it because she didn't quite understand that soccer was coming to an end.

Chayce is about to finish up her football and volleyball season as well. Chayce has been such a great leader on her cheer squad, I pray that this is a quality that will stick with her. She is unsure as to whether she is going to tryout for basketball. However, in drama they are currently working on the play Frankenstein...she is Dr. Frankenstein's fiance', if I remember correctly. She's really enjoying that! They will be doing a play for UIL later in the year which will be Grease, I'm so looking forward to seeing her act in that!

Our sweet Camden, he brings me such joy...I am so thankful that he won't start school for another year and a half. He loves spending days with me at home...he likes to help clean or cook. We call our days 'off' Mommy and Campy day! He's gained quite a knack for playing computer games...he especially likes playing on They have games that cater to his age. He informed James over the weekend that he will be playing football, baseball, basketball, golf and tennis. (James isn't too fond of the tennis idea! LOL!) We hope to start Camden in a sport in the spring.

James and I started taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class at our church last month. We have learned many things about our finances and it has been very beneficial to our marriage and our future. We realize that in order for our children to succeed with their finances we have to change and show them the right way...God's way to handle money. We aren't even halfway through yet so we still have many things left to learn but I am so very thankful that we are doing this together.

Hair Salon, here I come!! I took my final test in order to get my cosmetology license yesterday. My sister-in-law April was gracious enough to go with me because I needed a model to perform a manicure service and a facial on. I was VERY nervous at first...shaking so bad I could barely paint her nails. I spent ALOT of time talking with God on Friday night and Saturday, praying that he would give me peace and guidance so that I could be my best during the exam. It took three hours and about halfway through, I felt a peace come over me like a warm blanket...from then on, it went very well. When I got my test score I was overwhelmed with emotion, just as I was when I got my test scores from my first test. Words cannot describe the joy that I felt...the sense of accomplishment...relief, the end of two long years of hard work, tears, sacrifice, insecurity...knowing the the Lord had laid an opportunity out in front of me and I did not fail...I finished, I accomplished something. I showed my kids that it's never too late to follow your dreams. Out of 118 items on my test, I scored a 107, which gave me a final grade of 90. I went to see my teacher after I took my test so I could return all the supplies I had rented from her and I showed her my grade. She told me that it was one of the higher grades she had seen, she said most of the students she had known scored in the 80's...every victory is His!

I went to see a christian band in concert on Thursday night with two of my sister-in-laws. We went to hear Third Day, a band I love and admire very much. They put on an intimate, amazing show and I left exposed to some new music and a renewed spirit. In case you don't already know music is VERY important to me, I grew up with my parents always having some sort of music on. When my mom would clean house, she would always turn the radio up loud and we would take a time out here and there and just dance and sing. Over the last couple of years I have stopped listening to secular radio and all I listen to is music that glorifies God. During an intermission for Third Day, they were playing a cd from a group I have listened to called 'Needtobreathe'. One of the songs the were playing really struck me, although I didn't know what it was called nor could I remember any of the words. On Friday I got on their website to see if I could find this 'song'. I ended up remembering some of what it sounded like and I found it. It is called Garden and it's on their newest cd called The Outsiders. I pulled up the lyrics as I listened and I was moved in a way that I had never been before. This song stirred up deep emotions in me, it spoke to my soul. I then found out what the meaning was behind the song and I wept each time I have heard it since. I would like for you to listen to it and see what you get out of it. I feel that God is using this song to speak to me, I took out my bible and started reading a chapter that I had never read before and it put Jesus' final hours into perspective for me. Who am I that this Holy man would lay down His life for me? What have I done for Him? I am nothing, I do nothing to honor Him in ways that He deserves. Nothing I do can ever repay the debt He paid for me and my sins...I owe so much to the One who laid His life down for me. I feel like I have been given a new opportunity to make a fresh start to be all that I can to serve and honor Him.

Father, I thank you for new beginnings and a more open heart. I ask your forgiveness for my selfishness and forgetting that this life is not about me, that it's about You. Help me to be a light for others to see so that You can shine through me. I want to live in ways that glorify You, I want to be more like you, loving, peaceful, giving, compassionate. I pray that You will take all distraction from within my heart and mind so that I can be used for Your good. I pray that You will help to be more aware and open to receiving all that You have in store for me. All these things I pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mommy and Campy day

I love having days off and spending alone time with my son. We play the Wii, do laundry together, run errands and we almost always cook together. I love cooking and I hope all my children will develop a joy for cooking as well. Today we decided to make some brownies, actually I've been cooking, or 'fixing' food all day but Camden and I made cookie brownie bars together. He got ready to make them and came to me and this was the conversation we had:

Camden "Momma can we make the brownies now?"
Mom "Sure, let me put this away and then we can."
Camden "Well, we need all the ingredients."
Mom (while hysterically laughing I didn't know he knew that word!) "It's on the box."
Camden "We need the ingredients."
Mom "We can find out what we need on the back of the box and get it from the pantry."
Camden "Well, we need soil."
Mom (laughing again) "We need what?"
Camden "We need soil to make the brownies!"
Mom "You mean oil? It's called oil, it sounds like soil though, doesn't it?"

I tend to forget what a joy and a blessing my kids are...days are long, nights get hectic but I am very blessed to be a mom of three! Thank you Lord for entrusting me with your children, for allowing me to experience what it is to be a parent. Needless to say, we got our brownies "soil" added! LOL!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She really does have a way with words

I just had to share amazing, crazy, sweet, sassy, beautiful, messy 12 year old daughter wrote's one of her blogs. You question yourself as a parent constantly and then there are times like these when you realize that you are getting through. Only the power of God can bring about words such as this:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 9:57pm

Some things have changed, in the past couple of years for me. I am indeed young, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been put through hard times. I've lost friends and family in my life that I would have never thought that I would lose. I've questioned God and his choices. Which you aren't supposed to do. I couldn't understand why he chose ME to go through what I had to. Don't get me wrong, there are MANY other situations that were worse than mine, in other peoples lifes. I would still question, why. Why me? What have I done? & why am I being punished? What I didn't realize, is that God has a plan for me. A plan! He is like a football coach. He puts you at your weakest points at practice, so you can get stronger, and stronger, in case you have to play that position later on in the season. He puts me in tough situations, to build me up. He's made me who I am. I still struggle with trust issues. & believing everything i am supposed to. But I am getting stronger. I've had these feelings lately, that make me want to share my faith with every one I meet. I want to show off that I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING! & i'm proud of it! I just wish that everyone in the world experienced the happiness that you can get out of living NOT for yourself. People don't realize the amazing and uplifting feeling you get when you worship. Standing in the church pews with your hands lifted as high as you can reach, with a tear streaming down your face, is the best feeling in the world. The worlds everyday pleasures are NOTHING compared to what God can make you feel. Call me crazy, but I'm not letting the Earth change me; Because I AM NOT going to be here forever.

~Chayce you are such a blessing, I know I don't tell you that enough! We butt heads on a regular basis, it's because you are fighting for independence and I am fighting to guide you. I hope you know that I love you so much, you are my hope and I pray that you keep your heart open to receive all God has in store for you. He does have a plan for you, it may not be what you would choose but He knows you inside and out, he is the Author of your life story and I'm so looking forward seeing where He takes you. I love you so much and I am so proud of you baby bear!

Another busy week

This past week has been such a blur with all we've had going on...I got to do a few haircuts on friends and family, which I was thrilled about. Practice makes perfect! I got to hang out with my friend Shanna and our little ones got her play together! Channing had her first soccer game, her team won, the score was something like 10-0 and she even scored her first goal. It was great, James' dad and my parents came out to support her. James was so nervous, he stayed at the opposite end of the field so he could coach her during water breaks! LOL!! He never played soccer but he was just encouraging her and giving her fatherly guidance...would you believe that she got Most Improved Player at the end of the game! I was a cheering fool, me and my big mouth...I stayed at one end of the field with my camera. Channing asked right after her second practice if she could play soccer next year, I told her of course she could. She was so thrilled that she told her daddy and her big sister "I asked mom if I could play soccer next year and she said YES!" I don't know what would have made her think I would've told her no! LOL! Chayce made the volleyball team at her school. They found out Friday right after practice, the coaches posted the list of girls who made it outside one set of the gym doors...I just happened to have my phone on me so I snapped a pic of the list! She was so excited and I was so proud.

My parents took their boat out on Sunday and they invited mine and my brother Chris' family to go with them. We had a picnic near a beach area and went tubing on the lake. We took our dog with us, her first time on the lake, she had a great time. She only had to be saved once! LOL!! She fell off the boat playing with my mom and I guess it scared her because she started swimming all around the boat trying to find a place to get back on, James ended up grabbing her and pushed her up onto the boat, not without getting some battle scars. Lanie used his leg as a ladder while my mom was trying to get her from him. We were able to laugh about it after it was all said and done. My youngest brother Brandon even came out and joined us, it was a great day. Such a blessing spending the whole day with family!

Chan getting in on the action

Channing, her coach and daddy...notice daddy's stance!

Playing goalie

Chan getting her most improved award

The volleyball list

Camden helping Pops drive the boat

Chan and I tubing

Chayce showing off

Waiting on the shore for us to come pick them up

Mine and my brother's family relaxing

Love them both SO much

Lanie on the boat

A beautiful ending to a blessed day