Saturday, June 22, 2013

Experiencing Summer Joy

It is summer, my favorite season of the year!!  Although, it has been unusually rainy for Texas, summer hasn't quite kicked into full gear yet. We are embracing every moment that comes our way!!

We've celebrated a 16th birthday!  She wanted some cowboy boots so we delivered!!  I made her a yellow cake with Cool Whip topping and piled fresh strawberries on top, it's her favorite!

Camden has received his 'summer cut'...a mohawk!  We lighten the ends of his hair and then color it with a wildly vibrant color that he chooses.  This year it was bright red.  It usually comes out pretty quickly with all the swimming we do.  This is pre-red.

We've also been spending lots of time with sweet friends!  Yesterday was Channing's first visit to Six Flags.  I was so incredibly proud of her, she was riding rides and really enjoying herself.  I am the biggest chicken and barely ride anything.  I'm so glad that Channing is not afraid to try new things!!

Chayce has also started her first job.  She has been wanting to work since she was 15 but no one really hires at that age anymore.  She landed and awesome position at a clothing store and started work three days after turning 16.  The center mannequin was her first time to put together an outfit for display at the store.  I think she did a beautiful job!!  She is so excited and loves her job!!! 

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