Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance 2013

Channing looks forward to it every single year...the day she gets her daddy all to herself.  They get all dressed up and they dance. Just the two of them and she eats it up. 

It's much like prom to her. We go shopping for a fabulous dress, plan how she wants to do her hair, and make sure that daddy matches her ever-so-colorfully.

It's a tradition James started with Chayce in 2007.  They sent a note home one year from school, Chayce wanted to go so we made plans with the dress and all.  Channing was too little to go at first. Then for a couple of years James had two little girls he had to dance with.  Chayce has out-grown the dance so now it's just Chan and daddy.

This year, they went out to eat before the dance with another daddy and his two daughters, from there they all rode together to the dance.  

Channing had mentioned a few days earlier that she was banning baseball talk between the dads.  The other two dads who went are are all baseball coaches on our son's baseball team.  Channing told her daddy that he was forbidden to speak anything baseball at the dance.  I thought that was hilarious!  (I also didn't blame her one bit.)  

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